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Mechanical structure of IKV Automated Guided Vehicle

Release date: 2016-12-09 14:38    Clicks:     Author: admin
Warehouse handling AGV mainly consists of the following parts: by the robot mechanical structure, control system, positioning and navigation systems and communication systems. According to market research to know what type of AGV, the specific mode of operation, what kind of work done, because according to the AGV application of different industries, AGV mechanical structure, driven by the AGV, Methods, control systems, operating modes, and so are not the same. At the same time, we also need to consider the storage handling AGV application work environment, shape size, specific functional mode, positioning navigation, cost-effective and so on. In this paper, the design and research of the overall mechanical structure of storage and transportation AGV is carried out based on the automatic sorting efficiency of the electric distribution center, and the positioning navigation and control system of AGV are studied further. Finally, the overall structure design of AGV is realized.
The mechanical structure of the AGV is the core of the whole AGV car and loads all the other devices. In other words, the performance of the AGV car depends in part on the rationality of the mechanical structure of the car body. The normal operation of the AGV is controlled by the central controller, the main task is to control AGV before and after walking, steering, start, stop, speed, path selection, and PC communication and so on.

AGV vehicle is composed of three parts: mechanical structure, power system and control system. The mechanical structure includes four parts: the frame of the body, the steering mechanism, the transplanting mechanism and the safety mechanism. Intelligent Warehouse AGV: www.ikvagv.cn

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