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Image Recognition Applied in Intelligent Warehousing System

Release date: 2016-11-09 17:23    Clicks:     Author: admin

New Application of Image Recognition Technology

In order to make the smart storage system identify the identification label of the smart meter more quickly, the image recognition technology is introduced to increase the reading efficiency and increase the sweep amount per unit time.
An image recognition process consists essentially of three parts. Namely data acquisition, data processing and classification decision or model matching. In order to improve the reliability, it is often necessary to add rules, correct the errors that have been generated, or introduce restrictions to greatly reduce the size of the model to be identified in the library. In order to improve the reliability of the intelligent warehouse system, the three parts are very different. Search time.

Control system updates and dust, interference measures

Control system and computer information system: the new or modified equipment control system and computer information system into the new company to implement the new Jiangxi Electric Power Measurement Center intelligent warehousing and logistics system. Add the glass curtain wall: in the library area before the addition of glass curtain wall, the equipment area and the flat area separated from the glass curtain wall set up two access channels. Intelligent Warehouse: www.ikvagv.cn

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