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Intelligent Warehouse Introduction and Features

Release date: 2016-09-19 09:23    Clicks:     Author: admin

Introduction of Intelligent Warehouse

Intelligent storage system is on the basis of  traditional warehouse.It design and improve  the storage facilities, storage management systems, codes of conduct and standard.Through scientific warehousing system improvement and planning,using advanced modern intelligent devices, to build a unified storage network,introducting of advanced technology reform, so that storage system can achieve the unity of the whole management and scheduling, and intelligent warehouse real brake.

Warehousing and logistics management traditionally different understanding, intelligent storage management is an integrated application of a variety of cutting-edge technology and high-end services, which is the next era of information networking product deeply traditional industry applications. Currently, there is no uniform definition of intelligent storage, in terms of a general sense, refers to the backbone of modern information management system maps the interaction of two constituted. One is "a process flow of a collection 4 a management analysis" information processing chain, and the other is "a library a storage shift library inventory of a chosen 4 a distribution" part of the business chain, information processing chain and includes things advanced technology related to information technology, can intelligently manage the completion of various business processes warehousing and logistics business links of the chain, such as the flow of goods real-time monitoring, dynamic allocation of cargo, statistics and report output, making the flow of goods to improve storage efficiency and reduce logistics costs , bringing to maximize profits for the warehousing and logistics providers, to provide the best service for the storage service targets, minimizing unnecessary consumption of resources, improve the level of information from the whole industry chain, so as to drive the entire industry healthy and orderly development.
Intelligent storage features
Compared with the traditional intelligent storage industry, it's smart feature in two ways: First, it implements intelligent storage management, due to the extensive use of the Internet of Things sensing technology, such as RFID tags, sensors and M2M technology, real-time reflecting the liquidity situation warehousing of goods, take the initiative to pass transaction information to achieve complete monitoring of logistics processes; second, with the automation features warehouse management decisions. Since the data processing and storage perception and production scheduling to achieve an integrated, real-time data acquisition can be secondary processed instantly. Based on the large amount of historical data and real-time modeling of science, intelligence analysis, the system will quickly and accurately obtain feedback results, which will help companies understand the true state of storage and logistics, in order to make the right production decisions, making increasingly warehousing rich individual needs to be more flexible and responsive.
Compared with traditional storage, there are many intelligent storage prominent advantages:
1, intelligent storage by a unified network control, it will ensure the safety of intelligent information storage, while in favor of unified storage systems for warehouse management and control.
2, intelligent warehousing intelligent devices operate, greatly reducing the manual operation, saving labor costs, while improving storage efficiency.
3, intelligent warehousing artificial intelligent software control and management, greatly improving the management efficiency, while the use of software is very simple, enabling customers to personally manage the warehouse.
4, intelligent warehousing and the use of wireless sensor technology controlled warehouse environment to ensure the environmental safety of goods stored, but also greatly enhanced the storage time of goods.

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