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Key Technology of AGV car

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AGV navigation refers to its decision AGV running direction and path method. AGV navigation methods currently used mainly in vehicle mode and a non-predetermined path predetermined path two ways.
The so-called car navigation refers to a predetermined path set for navigation on the traveling path information vehicle, AGV obtained by detecting their information-driven navigation, such as electromagnetic guidance, optical guidance, tape guide (also known as magnetic guide) and so on. The so-called non-predetermined path (free path) refers AGV navigation without any predetermined travel path, AGV according to the scheduling request during operation is determined by identifying the orientation of the traveling path. The laser navigation, or geographic coordinate information identifying navigation, visual navigation, route planning.

AGV applications will become increasingly common

Notable feature of the AGV is an unmanned, can protect the system automatically without requiring manual navigation with the case, good flexibility, high level of automation and intelligence. AGV according to the requirements of cargo warehousing, production process and other changes, flexible configuration, and change the path running costs of conventional conveyor belts or rigid transmission line compared to very low. If equipped with a loading mechanism, AGV also with other logistics equipment automatic interface, handling and transport of goods or materials the whole process automation. In addition, AGV also has a clean production characteristics, AGV rely on built-in batteries to provide power, low running noise, no pollution, can be applied to a clean work environment places many demands.
With the AGV performance continues to improve, greatly expanded its range of applications, not only widely used in industry, agriculture, defense, health care, service and other industries, but also in a Risk, search, rescue, and the field of space radiation and other harmful and dangerous situations get a good application, suitable for almost all occasions warehousing, manufacturing, post offices, libraries, ports, airports, tobacco, medicine, food, chemicals, hazardous locations and special industries.
Therefore, AGV technology has been widespread concern around the world.

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