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Bridge of Intelligent Wrehouse-AGV Vehicle

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AGV trolley is one of the important parts of intelligent factory and intelligent workshop. It is widely used in many industries such as electronics, automobile, chemical industry, medicine, logistics, metallurgy, tobacco, assembly and so on, instead of manual loading, handling and unloading. Work, to achieve a workshop logistics automation.

IKV introduction of professional R & D team, independent research and development of the AGV car can use different installation structure and loading and unloading methods to meet different product delivery and processing needs. According to your actual needs, we will provide the entire workshop automation solutions to ensure smooth flow of plant logistics to the lowest cost of the transformation to maximize your interests
AGV car relative to the traditional advantages of manual handling as follows:
In this case,
1.Advanced: AGV is a mobile industrial robot integrating optical, mechanical, electrical, computer and information system. It has strong guiding ability, high positioning precision, good performance of automatic driving, and AGV is the mark of factory automation logistics. .
In this case,
2. Flexibility: AGV can be quickly and various types of production lines, assembly lines, transmission lines, platforms, shelves, operating points and other organic integration. It can shorten the turnover cycle and reduce the turnover of the materials. It can realize the flexible connection between the incoming materials and the processing, the logistics and the production, the finished products and the sales, so as to improve the working efficiency of the production system to the maximum extent.
In this case,
3. Independence: AGV can be self-contained system, in the absence of other system support conditions, as a separate system to complete a specific task.
In this case,
4. Compatibility: AGV not only can work independently, but also better with other production systems, control and management system closely, with outstanding compatibility and good adaptability.
In this case,
5. Security: AGV as a driving automatic vehicle, has a better security protection, intelligent traffic management, safety and collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, fault reporting and so on. Can play a unique role in a number of occasions not suitable for human work.
In this case,
6. Demonstration: AGV represents the advanced productivity, is a symbol of technological progress, can promote the quality of personnel, management level. AGV can also promote enterprise standardization, standardization, information technology infrastructure.

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