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The benefits of using automated guided vehicle

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The benefits of using automated guided vehicle
The benefits of using automated guided vehicle
1. Accountability
Once a product is onboard an AGV car, it is tracked so “lost” or misplaced product will be minimized
2. Automatic Line Balancing 
 In a production environment with multiple operations conducted at varying times, AGVs can assist in line balancing
3. Cost Control
An AGV system’s costs are very predictable, while labor costs tend to increase and can change quickly depending on local economic conditions
4. Facility Maintenance 
Collision avoidance capabilities prevent damage within the facility
5. Flexibility 
An AGV’s path can be changed as production and handling needs evolve
6. Fewer Restrictions
Free-roaming, AGVs eliminate access issues created by conveyors and require less space than conventional forklifts, allowing for narrower aisles
7. Reduced Operating Costs
Charging and battery handling can be automatic with an AGV system and the controlled acceleration/deceleration minimizes wear on components
8. Reduction in Product Damage
Automatic agv car handle products gently, reducing scrap and waste
9. Repeatability
AGVs perform repetitive movement tasks predictably and reliably
10. Safety
AGVs always follow their guide path and stop if they encounter an obstruction, improving the safety of surrounding personnel
11. Scheduling
Because of their reliability and on-time delivery, AGVs improve scheduling capabilities and the efficiency of operations

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