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Backpack AGV

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Backpack AGV Introduction

Backpack AGV is running along with pallet, rack or case on its back. The material transfer can be achieved by one point to multiple points based on magnetic guidance. The backpack forklift AGV calling system can optionally transports the load to site by itself. The IKV backpack forklift AGV is applicable for frequent transportation or long-term material supply cycle production system.

Photos of Backpack AGV

Backpack AGV

Backpack AGV

Backpack AGV

The Features of Backpack AGV

1. It can move in one-way, two-way or omni way. The volume is small and easier to move;
     2. When multiple sets of AGV are applied, they can constitute assembly line to substitute streamline, and thus form soft production system;
     3. Our backpack AGV can be loaded with pallet, rack or case. Moreover, it can also tow the material conveying cart;
     4. Backpack AGV moves in a quick and stable way.

Backpack AGV Parameter

Item Unidirectional Backpack AGV
  Model BF1400V1
Product No. 8682001200000
  Product Size   L1400*W600*H350(mm)
  Guidance Type Magnetic Tape Guidance
Moving Direction custom lines, multiple site point stop function, straight moving, left or right turn, bifurcate
wifi Wifi or Radio Frequency
  Driving Method Differential Speed
Driving Power DC24V
Conveying Capacity 300kg·1000kg·750kg·1000kg
AGV Type   Backpack
Moving Speed   0-45m/min
Turning Radius minimum 300mm( magnetic tape line pavement radius)
Guidance Precision ±10mm
Working Method 24 Hours
Gradeability 3-5 degree
Stop Precision ±10mm
Charging Method Manual or Automatic Charging
Safety Induction Range ≤1m,Adjustable the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm (adjustable)
Alarm Type Sound-light Alarm
Battery Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
Safety Protection Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button
Design Life >10 Years

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