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Industrial Elevating AGV for warehousing

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Industrial Elevating AGV for warehousing

IKV Industrial Elevating AGV are configured with mechanical anti-collision mechanism in each side, which improves the driving safety in every direction. AGV vehicle body controls scissor-type elevator to complete automatic unloading along with different height of fabric cutter.


IKV Industrial Elevating AGV Benefits

 Industrial Elevating AGV can convey the material to the designated material receiving platform. It has lateral movement function, which can be applied under the conditions such as narrow space, compact space or docking situation that common AGV can not meet. At the same time, scissors-type lifting platform can achieve automatic docking whatever of different sites or height. Moreover, the roller in the platform can meet material automatic conveying.

Scope of Application for IKV  Industrial Elevating AGV

IKV Elevating AGV system can fully address the client’s material handling or material movement demands. It can be applied in the primary application filed, including Warehouse/Distribution Center, Manufacturing, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Newspaper, Commercial Print, Chemical, Hospital, Automotive, etc.

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