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AGV Car Helps Agriculture Development

Release date: 2017-02-28 15:31    Clicks:     Author: admin
At present, many countries are carrying out the development of agricultural automation equipment research, some research results have begun to use in agricultural production. Just as automated equipment can reduce production costs and improve product quality in industrial production, automation equipment has the same effect in agricultural production.

AGV car since its inception, it has been widely used in the major production industries. Whether it is the workshop factory warehouse, or the hospital laboratory studio, we can see AGV car came to the shadow, like never shouting tired workers, diligent, to achieve the perfect 24X7 uninterrupted work, greatly Improve the efficiency of logistics and transport, reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also to avoid the human error and other negative factors. Today, with the continuous development of science and technology, AGV application is expanded to the agricultural field.
Breeding is the foundation of agriculture. With the continuous development of modern farming and agricultural automation, cultivating high quality varieties is the popular research field of crop breeding and improvement under the condition of controlled greenhouse environment. In the greenhouse environment where the operating channel is small, the humidity is high and the temperature is high, a large number of breeding pots need to carry out frequent transportation and transportation operation. The traditional manual mode of operation, low accuracy, labor intensity, low production efficiency, is the bottleneck restricting the development of modern breeding technology.
Automation equipment in the greenhouse agricultural production process, we must fully consider the waterproof, sunscreen, water vapor, acid corrosion, high temperature (50 degrees Celsius) and easy maintenance and other requirements. In the agricultural production of greenhouse, with particular attention to temperature, humidity, water vapor and other natural environment. Therefore, when considering the application of automation equipment to agricultural production, it is necessary to consider the natural environment of the factors, otherwise not only the operation of the machine is low, and may damage the machine, resulting in more losses. Unmanned van.
In actual use, the main task of intelligent AGV car is to carry potted plants. In different lighting conditions, AGV need to be regularly different rows of potted plant position exchange, and regular fixed-point spray. When the potted plants need to be tested, the AGV needs to be sent to the test chamber and the potted plants are returned to the site.
According to a farm staff, intelligent AGV is in the computer monitoring, the completion of the material handling, access and a series of operating functions, has been applied to nursery, transitions, harvesting, inspection, spray and other projects. Compared with the traditional nursery process, the application of intelligent AGV reduces the labor intensity and expands the cultivable area.
Agricultural production automation can improve production efficiency, save resources, improve product quality, and strengthen the international competitiveness of agricultural products, we can see that the promotion of agricultural production automation is an inevitable trend. Meikeli Meixing said that from the production reality, to provide customers with safe and efficient automated handling services.

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