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Automated warehousing is more and more popular, talk about t

Release date: 2017-01-06 10:25    Clicks:     Author: admin
2016 Christmas is still hot, for the home appliance business, this is a huge opportunity and test. Here the opportunity and test, referring to the same thing: the surge in orders. In addition to test the power business website servers, payment systems and other hardware and software facilities, is an extreme test of the electricity supplier's warehousing and logistics capabilities. In response to this situation, automated storage has naturally become the mainstream of future development direction.
AGV vehicle as the logistics equipment in the highest level of automation products, more and more used in warehousing, manufacturing, medical and other industries. Compared with the traditional manual handling, AGV handling robot without the need for manual driving in the case of a predetermined route along the automatic travel, the goods or materials from the starting point to automatically transport to the destination. In the logistics industry, with the rapid development of e-commerce, Amazon Kiva robot, Jingdong unmanned warehouse plan and so on have accelerated the process of automated warehousing.
AGV scheduling control system is the key to its automation, that is, AGV accurate scheduling, to ensure that more than one AGV can be ordered, standardized operations.
As an autonomous navigation and positioning technology that does not depend on external information or radiate energy to the outside, the advantage of inertial navigation technology is that, given the initial conditions, the current position, direction and speed can be determined without external reference. In a variety of complex geographical environment and external interference under the precise positioning, and can continuously measure the location of changes in precision to maintain dynamic attitude benchmark. With the advancement of science and technology, low cost and small size of micro-mechanical system (MEMS) devices are getting higher and higher precision, "micro inertial navigation" positioning technology has been gradually extended to industrial, military and other fields, and public security fire, Rescue has been relatively mature applications.
The micro inertial AGV is suitable for the following scenarios:
1. Non-fixed route, AGV can move in full degrees of freedom;
2. Large scene long-distance, path laying complex, require multiple AGV collaborative task;
3. Space is relatively narrow, the need for AGV forward, backward or lateral movement;
4. Path changes and venues to expand more frequent occasions;
5. Other inconvenient to lay the magnetic strip and other equipment applications.
In our own research and development of micro inertial guidance personnel positioning products, for example, positioning accuracy of 0.3%, equivalent to 1 km error of less than 3 meters to adapt to <15km / h walking, trotting, lateral shift, retreat and any walking posture, Micro inertial devices, including micro-accelerometer and micro-gyroscope.
The high-performance micro inertial navigation positioning products are transplanted to the AGV, which can provide high-precision heading, pitch angle and roll angle data for AGV, forklift and so on. After obtaining driving wheel data, combined with inertial navigation acceleration information can output robust Of the inertial navigation positioning results. AGV travel speed is estimated at 3m / s, positioning error within 10s is better than 5cm (excluding environmental interference, AGV jitter, slippage and other effects).

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