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Laser guided forklift AGV Works Principle

Release date: 2017-01-06 10:16    Clicks:     Author: admin
Laser guided forklift AGV is a basic manual electric forklift and laser navigation system combined with unmanned automatic material handling equipment. Its basic function is, in the absence of human intervention, the automatically designated place of the goods transported to the designated location. The laser navigation system relies on its own laser sensors and encoders to sense the operating environment information of the forklift, and then constructs the surrounding environment map by the corresponding algorithm. Finally, the desired route is determined according to the starting and ending points of the task. The tracking control is realized by feedback control to complete the corresponding Of the task.
Multi-AGV composition of the material transport system is an automated factory one of the essential equipment. It can solve the traditional logistics system convergence is not compact, high cost shortcomings in reducing production costs and improve efficiency has great application value. To achieve multi-AGV transportation system running without fault and high efficiency, it must be modeled and optimized by some modeling and optimization methods, and the appropriate scheduling strategy should be adopted to integrate the host computer, production system, inventory management and material transportation. Different systems to coordinate the combination, making the overall production efficiency and maximize efficiency, in order to better meet the future of fierce market competition.

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