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Industrial 4.0 opens a new chapter in the era of industrial

Release date: 2016-11-09 17:27    Clicks:     Author: admin
Industrial 4.0 is the core driver of industrial automation, industrial and living to help facilitate the integration of flat: Following an electronic information technology 3.0, the global network is increasingly integrated into the era of Internet penetration in the field of industrial manufacturing, which is Accelerate a new generation of intelligent manufacturing to lead the industrial automation technology innovation. Interpretation: Any rising country will encounter labor costs continue to raise, and China has now experienced labor shortage, the development of the robot is already a huge potential market, the past 10 years, robot costs to 5% annual rate of decline, and labor The cost of an annual growth rate of 10%, the former parity advantage more and more prominent. With the gradual demise of the demographic dividend, in recent years, China's industrial robots installed capacity per year more than 30% over the same period in the world 10%. In 2013 China became the world's largest industrial robot market, sales of 10.9 billion yuan, an increase of 31.3%, sales of about 37,000 units, of which domestic share accounted for 1/4. In the machine alternative to domestic and imported alternative to the context of the times, the domestic industrial robot industry will closely follow the Chinese industry 4.0 times a new pulse. 

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