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Warehouse Handling AGV Vehicle Mechanical Structure

Release date: 2016-09-14 14:40    Clicks:     Author: admin

Warehouse transport AGV consists of the following components: a robot mechanical structure, control systems, navigation systems, and communication systems. Prior to study storage and handling AGV,AGV demand should be considered first.According to market research, we need to know what type of AGV, the specific mode of operation, the completion of what kind of work. Because according to different industries AGV applicated,AGV's mechanical structure, drive way, the control system, operation mode, etc. are not the same. At the same time, we also need to consider the environment of AGV applications, the size of the shape, the specific function mode, navigation mode, cost and so on. The topic chooses from the automated distribution center efficiency, the overall mechanical structure warehouse handling AGV's design study, further study of AGV navigation mode, control systems, etc., and finally realize AGV a whole scheme.


Each mechanical part of warehouse handling AGV is the basis of the AGV, the mechanical structure of the body is the core of AGV car, loaded with all the other devices. In other words,part of the agv vehicle depends on if the mechanical structure of AGV is reasonable.The normal operation of the AGV is controlled by the central controller, and the main task

is to control the AGV to walk around, turn, start, stop, speed, path selection, and PC communications and more.

AGV vehicle is normally provided by a mechanical structure, power system, control system three major components, mechanical structure comprises a frame of the vehicle body, driving the steering mechanism, transplanting institutions, security agencies.

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