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Automated Guided Handling Vehicle Advantage Introduction

Release date: 2016-09-09 16:33    Clicks:     Author: admin
Automated Guided Handling Vehicle (also called automated guided vehicles) is an unmanned supplies transportation equipment,equipped with an electromagnetic or optical homing device capable of traveling along a predetermined guide path.Under the monitoring of the computer and in accordance with the provisions of the path and the requirements,it can  handle operations, and walk and stop precisely at the designated locations.
Compared to other transport equipment,Nanchang IKV developed automatic guided vehicle,with the characteristics of automation and flexibility, doesn't need to be set in the operation area corresponding auxiliary facilities, such as rail, seat frame and other fixtures.Without being limited by a particular space, space and roads, automated guided truck has quick action, control, and safety, as well as carrying capacity and high efficiency,widely used in various industries among which in the warehouse using the most common distribution center.
Automated guided truck is not only an effective means of today's flexible manufacturing systems and automated warehousing systems in logistics and transport, but also in the field of logistics in the devaluation of the simple and effective automatic logistics and transport. People called the AGV is a modern logistics system artery.By using modern technology and means,partially or even completely replace the manual labor to achieve continuous handling operations, not only to ensure the security of the entire warehouse operation and reliable, fast and flexible and highly efficient and stable, but also realized the information management of goods, not only promotes the storage the rapid development of enterprises, and gave other industries to bring the gospel. Automatic Guided Truck: www.ikvagv.cn)

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