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Power Industry Case

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Meter box push-pull type transfer handling AGV

(1)Product Introduction

Meter box push-pull type transfer handling AGV designed by IKV according to the actual requirements of the test meter workshop material transport development and design of products. Its operation is controlled by a standard AGV control mode, drive wheel differential achieve AGV forward, backward, turning, navigation using magnetic navigation, according to the production process planning is divided into single and double fork fork two products.

Technical Data

No. Name Parameter
1 AGV drive mode Dual wheel drive
2 Way of walking Comprehensive
3 Navigation Laser navigation
4 AGV rated load capacity 150kg
5 Maximum speed Straight line60m/min,Turn 25m/min
6 Working speed Straight line45m/min,Turn 20m/min
7 AGV weight 600KG
8 Anti-collision device Laser scanning sensors around the area
9 Automatic navigation accuracy ±10mm
10 Parking precision ±5mm

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