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Omnidirectional submarine AGV

Release date: 2016-06-15 15:09    Clicks:     Author: admin

Omnidirectional submarine AGV Introduction

Omnidirectional submarine AGV flexible movement, movement in any direction can be moved in parallel, you can spin around 360 °, providing flexibility for a narrow channel. Full widely used in automotive, electronics industry to AGV car.

Omnidirectional submarine AGV Technical Data

Product name   Omnidirectional submarine AGV
  Product mode   QFQ1550V2
Product code   8691000000010
  Product size   L1550xW420xH290(mm)
 Guide the way   Magnetic strip guide
Walking directions   Comprehensive
Wireless network   WiFi network·RF network
  Drive mode  All-wheel drive to four
Drive power   DC24V
  Carrying capacity   320kg
  Body aircraft   A full range of AGV, back V
Walking speed   0-45m/min(Or custom)
 Turning radius Spin around
  Navigation accuracy   ±10mm
  Way of working   24hours
  Gradeability   3-5degree
  Stopping accuracy   ±10mm
 Charging Manual charging  •Automatic charging
 Safety sensing range   ≤3m,Adjustable, emergency braking distance is less than20mm
  Police form  Audible alarm
 Battery Lead-acid battery • Lithium battery
  Security   front obstacle detection sensor+Mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection+emergency button
 Design life   >10 years

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