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Cartridge box warehouse

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Warehouse cartridge box presentation

Cartridge box warehouse from the warehouse system, storage to transportation, to achieve a fully automated operations, both to avoid the hard work in the warehouse, in the, but also to ensure product quality during storage. Press the button, it can accurately and quickly processed.

Stacker machine technical parameters

Type Single-deep
Horizontal travel (x direction) positioning accuracy ±5mm
No-load speed speed 180m/min
Acceleration 0.4m/s²
Load Speed speed 180m/min
Acceleration 0.4/s²
Cargo platform lift (y-direction) positioning accuracy ± 5mm
No-load speed speed 45m/min
Acceleration 0.5m/s²
Load Speed speed 30m/min
Acceleration 0.5m/s²
Double fork (z direction) positioning accuracy ± 5mm
God speed fork Single-deep 40 m/min(Load)30 m/min(Real carrier)
God fork stroke(mm) Fork projecting Depending on goods
Fork microliters 80mm
Fork edged down 80mm
Fork type self made or MIAS

Shuttle Technical parameters 

Speed specifications walk Real carrier 120m/min(Acceleration 0.3m/s2)
Load 120m/min(Acceleration 0.3m/s2)
Transplanting 12m/min
Conveying height 700mm
Power supply Trolley line
communication method Wireless or laser communications
control method Siemens PLC + touch screen
Recognize addressing mode Barcode or laser
positioning accuracy ±5mm
Security Configuration Emergency stop Machinery Parts

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