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Shuttle Bus

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Shuttle Bus Introduction

RGV, there is a rail guided vehicle (Rail Guided Vehicle) abbreviation, also known as rail shuttle car, RGV car can be used for all kinds of high-density storage methods warehouse trolley channel can be designed for any length, can increase the storage capacity of the entire warehouse, and when operating the truck without entering the roadway, its security will be higher. Advantages in the use of the truck without entering the roadway, with the car running fast in the roadway, improve the operating efficiency of the warehouse.

Shuttle Bus parameters

Technical Data Detailed Description
Material Handling Pallet Dimensions Common
Weight kg(Containing tray)
Tray Type Chuan font or Tian font
Stopping accuracy Movement stops Accuracy ±5mm
Mode of operation Online, offline, manual
Running speed Moving speed max 160m/分(Frequency Control)
Transplanting speed max 12m/分(Frequency Control)
Motor capacity Mobile motor capacity 380V 2.2KW(Frequency Control)
Conveyor motor capacity 380V 0.55KW(Frequency Control)
Safety Devices Electrical interlocking and emergency stop button
Noise 75db Below
Environment Temperature -5℃~40℃
Humidity 70% Below
Paint color Schnauzer Standard or as customer required

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