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Fork legs stacking fork lift AGV

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Stacking fork leg fork lift AGV Introduction

Fork legs stacking fork lift AGV, a new product researched and developed by IKV, with high cost, appearance, structure solid and reliable, can be used in a variety of conditions.


Stacking fork leg fork lift AGV Technical Data

Handling capacity 2000KG High power handling capacity models can be customized according to customer demand
Dimensions 2200×850×2500mm Can be customized according to customer demand structure
Weight 1000kg  
Navigation Laser navigation  
Walking Directions Forward, turn, back  
Drive Form Wheel drive  
Drive unit 2.2KW Drive unit Due to different customer needs, optional Korea GGM, and domestic brand motor
Traveling speed 5-85/min  
The minimum bend radius 1000mm Special requirements can be customized
Guide precision 10mm  
Parking precision 10mm  
Lifting height Up tO 3m  
Power 24V400AH Optional lead-acid batteries, or lithium batteries
Charging Optional Automatic charging, automatic replacement of the battery, replace the battery charging manual
Safe Distance 0-3m Two Security (photoelectric protection and mechanical protection)
Police Form Audible alarm  
Endurance 10 hours Special needs can be customized

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