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Welding workshop logistics delivery system

Release date: 2016-06-15 15:27    Clicks:     Author: admin

Welding workshop logistics delivery system Introduction

Welding workshop logistics delivery system,is used to transport up and down the work of the new welding shop, second floor materials. Equipment included in the project are: reciprocating telescopic fork lift, auxiliary shutter doors, supporting transmission lines, traction RGV like.


Specific workflow

1, a layer of material into the front stage of the buffer material can be stored for four buffer tank. Bin press "one" type arrangement, turn automatically moving forward until the lifting device automatically. A layer of material outlet and as the lifting device at the entrance, an automatic, a forward, press the "A" type arrangement store up to four bins, until transferred manually.

2, second floor material box by the submarine AGV transported to the lifting device inlet down after AGV totes front row, and then by the fork means the material transfer automatically cross into the box; lifting devices also export and import the same device in place after lifting by fork transfer means material box automatically sent, until the transfer of AGV go. AGV car traveling direction and the direction perpendicular to the lifting device exit door. That is the direction of the material and material transport trolley AGV car 90 degrees in the direction of the lifting device handler; AGV for the submarine, the walking four caster material trolley during transportation.

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