IKV Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems

Intelligent Warehousing is an important part of the logistics process. Intelligent warehousing applications to ensure the speed and accuracy of cargo warehouse management of all aspects of data entry to ensure that companies timely and accurate grasp of the real inventory data reasonably maintain and control inventory. Through the scientific coding, also easily batch of inventory of goods, shelf life management, improve the efficiency of warehouse management.
Warehousing as the core of intelligent logistics center, the use of intelligent technology automatic control technology, intelligent robots stack stacking technology, intelligent information management technology, mobile computing, data mining technology. In these cases the above application of things can simplify, greatly improving the efficiency of the entire logistics!

The first step in Intelligent warehousing - AGV robots platform

Laser navigation forklift AGV

IKV laser guided AGV truck currently used in part of the car industry, a large storage and logistics, some large paper mills, warehouse, etc., to achieve the rapid deployment of logistics automation applications, saving labor costs and improve productivity.

Way Trailed AGV car

After unidirectional traction AGV car, arrived at the designated place, the artificial material to hang in the car on the tow hook, AGV guided by magnetic stripe reading landmarks instruction to skip traction to the specified location, automatically remove the skip.

Bidirectional submarine AGV car

Bidirectional submarine can dive into the material of AGV wagon or other wheeled vehicle carrying or towing is carried out to select the nearest path when idling with a clearance from other equipment, significant savings in mileage efficiency increase turnover, reduce workers workshop aisle, to build a green plant.

"IKV developed AGV intelligent storage enables automatic transport robot, automatic picking and other functions, to achieve a high degree of storage, handling, transport, stacking, storage, picking, packing, a library, and so the whole process of delivery automation, thus improving the efficiency of the logistics flow, to ensure timely supply of logistics, accuracy and achieve a flexible storage capabilities."
AGV intelligent storage - integrated solutions

IKV lead you into the era of intelligent factory!

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